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30 years since the vote on Slovenia's independence

The 23 December 1990 is written in golden letters in the history of events leading to the establishment of an independent and sovereign Republic of Slovenia. Following the first democratic election after WWII, which was held on 8 April 1990 and brought the victory of the democratic coalition DEMOS, the December referendum held on this date represents the bedrock of the first independent state of the Slovenian people.

According to the Plebiscite Act, adopted on 6 December by the Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia, to secure a mandate more than half of the electorate, i.e., the absolute majority had to respond positively to the question: “Should the Republic of Slovenia become an independent and sovereign state?” Confirming the legitimacy of the vote, the outcome was extraordinary with a 93.2% of turnout and a resounding 95% voting in favour of Slovenia’s independence. This means that 88.5% of the electorate voted in favour of Slovenia becoming an independent state.

The strong turnout and virtually complete support for the independence process as the results were officially declared on 26 December paved the way for the necessary steps leading to the declaration of independence on 26 June 1991.

Dear friends in Italy and other countries covered by our embassy, Malta, San Marino and Tunisia, as well in multilateral forums, such as the FAO and WFP.

As Slovenia recalls the independence referendum, I would like to note the progress in the decades that followed, achieved at home and in cooperation with Italy and other neighbouring countries, with the countries of Europe and around the world, in the framework of the UN, the Council of Europe, the OSCE, the OECD and other multilateral forums, and within the EU and NATO.

During the festive season of this particularly challenging year, let us commemorate the day the foundations of Slovenia’s independence and autonomy were laid, by celebrating the countless successful endeavours we have undertaken together for progress, prosperity, solidarity and peace – for you, for me, for all people, and for the international community as a whole.

Ambassador Tomaž Kunstelj